Misfits Season 3- Episodes 1 & 2

Trust me, there’ll be shit. It’s in the air. I can smell it.


            Well, what is there to be said? Misfits is back, things are right again with the world I suppose. Actually, after watching the first two episodes of season 3, it’s more like the opposite- don’t get me wrong, I think they’re brilliant. The new guy, Rudy, sure, he’s no Nathan, but he’s still pretty good. He’s an asshole, but I’m kind of excited that he’s more fleshed out like this, it’s interesting, it’s gonna give the show some good drama to work off of later on, and it’s nice to see they didn’t just try and pretend like he was exactly the same as Nathan, didn’t treat their audience like complete idiots. But anyway, what I’m saying is, is that the new season is starting off brilliant, but I would have to say I was a liar if I didn’t admit that their stories are so completely fucked up that I can’t believe there’s actually a station as cool as E4 to show them. Their new powers are also very cool, and while in the first episode I was a little put off by how specific they were, worried that maybe that would put too much of a tax on the writers to create good stories, I was pleased in the second episode how well they actually pulled off what could definitely be considered the most controversial power of the group, Curtis’ turning into a girl. Very pleased (and totally disturbed) by the shows first few new episodes, and looking forward to a whole ‘nother season of kids calling each other fit, and trying not to be caught with two more dead bodies buried in their back yard. A very happy Classy, and hey, why take my word for it, check out the episodes for yourself: One & Two

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