Misfits Episodes 3 & 4 Review

I’ve just been fighting the fucking Nazis AND kicking the shit out of Hitler.

- Kelly


            Yea, so, in other news, awesome shit continues to be awesome. Episode three shows off some more of ‘Super-Hoodie,’ and adds a little controversy to the mix. Bit crazy, bit controversial, but still a very decent episode by Misfits standards, and a very choice episode indeed by general TV standards. Next, episode four, you’ve got the episode that honestly serves as payoff to anybody who’s kept up with the show until now, and might be one of the greatest episodes of TV I’ve seen in a while AND this is coming off of just watching the entirety of Firefly just last week. Remember that episode of Doctor Who this year where they travel back to Nazi times? Remember this:

Click *here* for AWESOME

Now just put the Misfits in there, add a little alternate timeline mumbojumbo, and BAM you’ve got episode four. If you haven’t watched it already well… shit I’m grinning just thinking about how much you’re going to love it. Classy, all around, and enjoy.
Watch them with me, here:

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