Beavis and Butthead- Episode 5

Yeah… teen obesity kicks ass.

- Butt-Head


            Oh MTV… you’ve fallen so far… but with this show, you’ve made the first step on the long road to recovery. I’m not sure about the future of our world, what with Occupy Wallstreet, revolutions all over the world, and y’know, AIDS, but I feel like the simple fact that this show is back on the air instantly makes the future look one million times more optimistic. And to anybody who wants to call this show stupid, or dumb, YOU MADE THE JERSEY SHORE POPULAR, so I don’t really care what opinions you might have. But back to reviewing the episode- In this neat little set of storylines we get to follow that dynamic duo Beavis and Butthead as they try to, ahem, ‘get fat and stuff, so they can score hot chicks.’ We also follow them as they continue to fuck with the fast-food system, by abusing their bathroom breaks, so they can get paid to sit on the can. It’s like these two LIVE the American Dream really, and to top it all off, they rip on the Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant in-between jokes. Seriously, if you have not been watching this new season of Beavis and Butthead, then get your head out of your pretentious ass, and DVR that shit. Don’t actually try to watch it live though- it’s an unproven fact that even watching the promos for MTV shows murders brain cells, and do you really want to risk that? A very high Classy from me, keep it up Mr. Judge.

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