It's Always Sunny "The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore" Review

There are far worse people at the Jersey Shore than the cast of the Jersey Shore!

-Dee Reynolds


Okay, in what way can I sum up how hilarious and awesome this episode was… hmm… well, just take the Charlie throw up scene from last episode, drag it out over an entire episode, aaand yea. There you go. Okay, the entire episode was Charlie just throwing up blood onto a frightened woman, but there was vomiting, among other things. Other things such as Rum Ham, and homeless dudes banging each other under the Jersey Boardwalk. Now I’ve spent an entire summer on the Jersey Shore, so I wasn’t really sure how the Gang was going to do this episode, if they would focus entire on Guidos, maybe try and make fun of the actual Jersey Shore, or what, instead, the Gang did what I love watching them do, they threw their hands up in the air and just said “Screw it, watch Dee get her hair stuck in a Carnival Ride.” I loved everything about this episode, every single story line, Dee and Dennis trying to recapture their childhood at the beach, only to be presented the far uglier side of the Jersey Shore (after Dee gets a piece of her scalp torn off at the Boardwalk, she and Dennis try and party with the locals, only to get caught up in armed robbery, murder, and couple hits of angel dust), Mac and Frank getting stranded in the ocean, then partying with some passing Guidos (and enjoying some rum covered ham [“Eating your booze Frank? That’s genius!”]), and Charlie hanging out on the beach with the waitress of his dreams, who for some strange reason (ECSTASY) is totally attracted to Charlie and all the weird strange things he’s into. Another brilliant episode by the Sunny crew, here’s looking towards a fantastic season, Very Classy!

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