American Dad "Hot Water" Review

Gee Dad, I’d love to get in the hot tub too, but I can’t, because I’m pretty sure my parents f---ed in it last night!

-Steve Smith

            I’d just like to start out by saying, I love American Dad. It’s a really funny show, and I know Imma catch alotta hate from all y’all haters out thar, but I lke it even more than Family Guy. Which by the by, has gotten progressively more and more uncomfortable and predictable, and Brian really sucks, and aw shit now I’m drinking the hater-aid. But that’s irrelevant, ‘cus I’m here to talk about the season opener for American Dad, “Hot Water.” This was a musical episode (I mean Cee Lo Green guest starred, they kind of had to), and all in all, despite my admiration for the show, I think it was pulled off well, but it wasn’t really great. I found the story to be a little weak, considering the creativity I’ve seen from the writers of the show, as they seemed to ride completely off of the Appliance Comes Alive and Turns Evil trope of TV. I suppose you could forgive this because they were doing a pretty obvious little shop of horrors parody (Little Shop of Hot Tubs), but even the jokes (which usually make even the most lackluster of story genius) were either pretty generic and rehashed, or seriously friggin uncomfortable (kinda the whole foot in the mouth part [yes, that is very literal]). I laughed a couple of times during the show, but kind of only during the parts where Steve and Roger were involved. Which reminds me- HOW DID THEY NOT LET STEVE SING MORE!? I would love to have an entire musical episode centered around that kid, because his voice actor (no-homo, of course) sings like some sort of golden angel riding atop a Pegasus. During his and Roger’s duet, ‘Dad’s Gone,’
I couldn’t tell if I was crying from laughter or pure unfiltered EMOTION. Or maybe it was my time of the month. Either way, the whole episode felt a little lackluster, but overall pretty entertaining, so I’ll give it a Dapper.


  1. The hot tub voiced by Ceelo was a great idea and they animated it’s coming alive well too. I like the idea of how it glowed and got into the house. Strange they left two characters dead though. I wonder if they’re going to just make like nothing happened for the next episode or have a continued. Nothing beats watching my DVR recording in HD though because I have a big TV and I need the best quality. My DISH Network employee HD receiver gives me the best quality possible and the programming is totally free thanks to DISH. I had qualified programming as a qualified customer and the HD is free for life.

  2. Most boring and worst episode ever. Waste of a funny show and a half hour.