Misfits S.3 Episodes 5 & 6

You’re boyfriend helped save my cock, you know that?
            Alright, episodes 5 & 6 of Misfits, and boy do they delve into some good old fashioned edu-tainment (especially for you young folks today). Episode 5 shows us the lighter side of the darker side of coma victims, with some good old fashioned body switching, which admittedly, in a show about kids with super powers, was pretty long overdue. Of course, the shows writers are far too brilliant to do just any old regular body switching (I believe the trope is a gender body switch, but they already dug pretty deep into that with Episode 2 [I mean there was rape involved so to be frank, they dug pretty goddamn deep in there]), no, instead we get a body trap, with Rudy and Simon comparing it to Face/Off and Freaky Friday respectively (though I thought Skeleton Key might have been a better reference). The gang gets up to their usual shenanigans, stealing a body from a hospital, Rudy getting a handy from his therapist, and they add another tally to their growing list of dead casualties. Episode 6 gets more facts of life, with the Misfits learning about the dangers of unsafe sex, the hard, twisted, and completely fucked up way of course. To sum up the episode: Curtis gets a little surprise when he loses control of his powers due to the fact that he’s expecting (*wink, wink*), and Rudy and Simon team up to try and save Rudy’s cock before it shrivels up and falls off. Oh yea and Kelly and her boyfriend the Power Dealer guy are having relationship issues. Once again, a high Classy to both episodes, and I’m wondering exactly how harsh I have to judge this show now before I can start giving it anything less than that.

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